Jasmine Duerk Game Proposal

Player Objectives

  • Max the Magnificent is a black cat and the beloved pet of the witch that lives in the same hut as a family of mice. The player must go on a quest to defeat the Max the Magnificent, and force him to leave the hut.
  • The player finds the sword and the horn, and there they learn more about the witch and how to defeat the cat from the ancestor mice.
  • Throughout the game, there are small battles with other cats in the shack who spot the mice.
  • Now that the player knows how to defeat Max he must go to the kitchen, where the final boss battle takes place.

Game Mechanics

  • Besides standard first-person movement, the player will also be able to engage in combat, using weapons such as a needle, as well as ranged weapons.
  • The mouse can also set up traps for the cats. Because the cats are much larger and more powerful than the mice, traps are a better way to defeat them as compared to head-on combat.

Characters and Key Objects

  • The player is the main character hero mouse who will save all mice in the hut from the cats.
  • Other characters include NPCs such as the ancestor mice, a companion you can go on quests with, and the mice to rescue from the cats.
  • The key objects are the sword and the horn, which the player goes on a quest to find. Other objects such as materials for traps are important for defeating Max at the end of the game.

Game World

  • The game takes place entirely within the interior of the witch’s house. The player can find everything they need somewhere in the hut, but because some things are harder to get to due to the mouse’s size and mobility, the player must think of how to reach certain areas.

Gameplay Highlights/Hooks/Features

  • Besides standard RPG mechanics, the entire perspective of the game is from a mouse’s point of view. Thus, smaller objects appear far larger and the relatively small witch’s hut is a huge space where an entire game can take place.

Intended Audience

  • This will be a PC game intended for people that enjoy narrative-driven games and puzzles.

Game Style/Player Experience

  • This is a story-driven RPG where the player completes objectives such as finding the sword and the horn and defeating the cats.

Art Style

  • The art style is semi-realism with saturated colors and moody lighting.

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