Tom Tawadros – Game Proposal & Sketch

The Proposal: Cat & Mouse: Royal Rumble

The great thing about the Super Smash Bros. series is that it takes characters from completely different games, and allows them to coexist for some fast-paced fighting action. Characters like the Isabelle, Duck Hunt, and Wii Fit Trainer originally existed completely separate from any fighting game context. Before the first Smash title, I would have been strange to think that a 1980s pixelated dog would get a reboot as a 3D hand-to-hand fighter. The popularity of Smash has lead to the creation a hero-fighter genre, including spin-ofs like Brawlout and Brawlhalla.

Thus, the gamer-sphere is already accustomed to unlikely characters in fighting games, and I think Max the Magnificent would make for a great boss battle.

My proposal based on “The Royal Mice” story is a Super Smash Bros. style fighting game where the player must defeat a series of feline opponents in order to progress through the castle and save the rodent-folk. The game would consist of fights laced together with story cut-scenes.

Player Objectives

  • Defeat progressively stronger/trickier opponents
  • Understand and learn stages and their unique attributes
  • Learn to use items to your advantage
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of different characters

Game Mechanics

  • attacking (forward, back)
  • blocking
  • dodging
  • counter-attacking
  • items
  • strategic movement

Characters & Objects

  • Main characters from the story (one of the first pages looks like a roster)
    • Cadbury
    • Guinevere
    • Gilbert the Elder
    • Max the Magnificent
  • Key items include the titular sword and horn

Game World

The game world will consist of a variety of stages on which fights take place. For this project I imagine I will only have time to create one such stage, but a more complete game would consist of such locales as the Bedroom, High-Tower, Corridor, Cellar, and Kitchen (obligatory Ratatouille homage).

Gameplay Hooks/Features

The game will give player the chance to play as one of the main characters from the story. They will progress though the castle to find and defeat Max the Magnificent. Additionally, they will get the chance to use story items like the titular sword and horn.

Intended Audience

Anyone who enjoys relatively casual fighting games should enjoy this game. Moreover, this game seeks to appeal to those with an open mind, who want to see story elements from “The Royal Mice,” but who don’t mind an innovative take on the source material.

Player Experience

The player should be revved up by the fast-paced, 1 v 1 combat. Story cut-scenes between fights should drive them to complete the game, and progression through item acquisition will keep combat fresh and interesting.

Art Style

Cat & Mouse: Royal Rumble will use the printed illustrations in “The Royal Mice” as a style guide for its own assets. Because the game is in 3D, creative license will have to be taken in transferring 2D details.

Concept Sketch

Cat vs. Mouse

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