Max’s Library Level

I wanted to create a 3d platformer with Max the Cat as the main playable character. Inspired by other 3d platformers like Super Mario 64, I wanted my level to be created as a single island that you have to traverse to reach the goal. Originally there was meant to be more floors and the…

Modular Building Kit

Library Building Kit Updated Textures: First Draft: Note: Book Textures/Covers are WIP

Owen’s Game Proposal

Original Story Overview The Royal Mice: the Sword and the Horn is a tragic story about a cat named Max the Magnificent. Lately, the Queen of All You Can See has been getting harassed by many mischievous mice. Max the Magnificent is called upon by the queen to purge all of the castle‚Äôs rodents. Max…

Owen Aguirre’s Portfolio

Email: High poly 3D sculpts A2 Character Sculpt in Zbrush Hand Sculpt in Zbrush Photoshop Projects and Collages Album Cover Project (Digital Imaging and Computer Art) Book Collage (Digital Imaging and Computer Art) Games Gompi Run (Worked on level design and rescaling tweaks) Portal Lock (Worked on cover art and level design)