Wallace’s Final Game

I wanted to first thank the Electronic Music Composition class for their hard work on this project. For my game, I ended up selecting the track “Cat” by Matthew Balquin. However, if I were to create multiple levels beyond the scope of this project, I definitely would have used Yifan Liu and Alexander Bell’s work as well. All three pieces fit excellently with the game, and I have linked them below. I would also like to thank Tom Tawadros for re-rigging the Max model, as I was able to learn to animate a quadruped with it.

Below is the link to the playable game:


Screenshot of “Hero Object”
Video showing some gameplay.
Capture of game mode in Unity

Below are some screenshots showing most of my generated assets.

Over the course of this project, I strove to make some portfolio ready material. While I did not end up making as much as I would have liked, I feel that this project helped me learn a lot about the entire game development pipeline. The overall project was intended to be a concept for a resource management game. The playable level would just be one area the player would be able to explore. Accordingly, I made the level display a fishing shack, where the player could enter a fishing minigame. The path that can be seen in the level would lead to the hub world of the game. I wanted to show off the hero object I made as well, so I placed it within the building, with a spotlight to make it seem important.

I’m particularly proud of the texture assets I created, as I did not have much of a grasp on digital art before this class. Additionally, while it didn’t make it to the final game due to unfortunate data loss and time constraints, I performed the entire 3d graphics pipeline on a low poly mouse model. Meaning I modeled, rigged, skinned, and created controllers for the character within Zbrush and Maya. As someone who has never rigged before, I found it to be a very useful exercise.

I do think that the art style I was shooting for was achieved through this project, though I modified it partway in. Initially, I was just going for a generic “low-poly” look, but then realized I could make it more interesting by making all of the assets look like papercraft. While this design choice was limiting in some aspects (you can’t make glass, for example), I thought it merged well with the original, low poly design.

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