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High Poly 3D Sculpt (ZBrush)

Low Poly 3D Model (Maya etc.)

In this screenshot from the game Sliptime Sleuth, I modeled about half of the models in the room, as well as the overall room structure.

Digital Painting



Sliptime Sleuth is an isometric, time-traveling puzzle game I am working on with Sunburst Studio.

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  1. Davina Dawson says:

    thought-provoking – I love your drawing of the girl composed of gears and lights and stuff. It feels like it can be interpreted in a lot of ways and I like that it makes me think! Plus its also just beautiful.

  2. Wallace Samih says:

    Cute: I really like that low poly Touhou-looking character, it has very cutesy proportions and design with soft coloring.

  3. Jack Riley says:

    Gorgeous- Wow this stuff looks really good! The Dawn model is pretty accurate, and all of the anime-style digital art and drawing you’ve done is amazing.

  4. Tyler Marcus says:

    Scary – That robot uh… golem lookin thing is very eerie, I enjoy it very much.

  5. Sarah Love says:

    colorful – I think your use of color is really nice in all of your digital paintings. I also really like your style!

  6. Kaamil Lokhandwala says:

    Gorgeous – that Iron giant specifically. The peace and wonder that it communicates is unreal. I’d hang it up!

  7. Owen Aguirre says:

    gorgeous- I love how you use mist to enhance your images. Everything just looks breathtaking.

  8. Emma Lowry says:

    Gorgeous – your rendering in your digital paintings is incredible! Beautiful lighting and colors, especially in the Iron Giant and that city view.

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