Sarah Love’s Portfolio

High Poly 3d Model

Toothless the dragon from HHTYD

2D Animation

Digital Painting

Environmental Model

My full portfolio can be found here:

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  1. Davina Dawson says:

    gorgeous – your toothless model is amazing and it looks really nice and polished and just overall gorgeous! Good job!

  2. Tom Towadros says:

    Detailed – Toothless is looking dope, love the saddle and fin.

  3. Wallace Samih says:

    Funny: I like the 2d animation with the fox fortune teller, it has good comedic timing and is pretty cute on top of that.

  4. Jack Riley says:

    Colorful- The Dyadic Unity animation establishes the two entities well using their different color schemes, and the colors on the digital painting tiefling fit really well with the attitude her pose gives her.

  5. Tyler Marcus says:

    Detailed – It definitely looks like you put a lot of time and effort into fleshing out that Toothless model

  6. Joy Tartaglia says:

    Detailed – The Toothless model looks amazing! I like his smile.

  7. Kaamil Lokhandwala says:

    Colorful – especially the concept art, and even the environmental model. Super cool!

  8. Emma Lowry says:

    Cute – I love your Toothless model! You capture the detail (and cuteness) of his character really well

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