Davina Mod Building Kit

I noticed a lot of eclectic features of Higgins house that I could incorporate into my design.

The features that I noticed the most were the balcony/ bay window style moments where the building juts out on the sides. This is a detail of old architecture that I very much enjoy.

Another thing that I stole was the curve at the top of certain doors. I feel like rectangular doors scream modern, so rounding out the top helps give that period feel.

Below are some more photos taken at Higgins.

Now we can see how I adapted this to make some modular building pieces. As one can observe, I made two middle upper building sections here. One is very flat and would be a great base for different texture and normal maps. It could be paneled or brick or stone, but those features are added with maps.

The top piece tries to take some of those top triangle features seen on the building. One could also extrude and taper that triangle at the top to make it into a window. Some variation can also be added with texture.

We can see how I made the door top rounded as to make it feel more old.

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