Tyler Marcus – Game Concept

Player Objectives

You are in charge of three legendary, relics, the Sword and the Horn, the Diamond Spatula, and the Feather and Kraken Ink-pot. The player is tasked with sorting mice that come to the afterlife into the summon relic that best suits their current skill set. Build up the best army for each relic and send them out to aid those back in the land of the living who need their ancestors’ help. Be careful though, if you under perform for the given quarter you could be fired, but do well and promotions in the Relic DMV may come your way.

Game Mechanics

The player looks over a newly dead mouse’s file to see what they’re skilled at. From there, you’re able to sort them into which relic they should be a part of.

Characters and Key Objects

The player is an unnamed Purgatory DMV office worker in charge of the relic division. The other characters are the random mice that stumble their way to you to be sorted into a relic.

The Sword and the Horn are the relics from the story and summons all of the mightiest warrior ghost mice.

The Diamond Spatula, if it flips a burger on the grill, all of the DMVs most talented chefs are dispatched to the scene to replicate that scene at the end of ratatouille.

The Feather and Kraken Ink Pot, if someone writes a question with it on a piece of parchment, a group of scholars are transported back to the land of the living. This relic is usually used for general homework help.

Game World

The game world exists in a mouse purgatory DMV. Here many of the mice that have recently died are sorted through many divisions, the relic division being one of them.

Gameplay Highlights

The player is given a sense of progression through constant promotions. Each promotion comes with more relics and weirder, wackier, clientele that the Purgatory DMV have recognized as legendary ghosts.

Art Style

This game would lend itself to a much more zany cartoony style. This allows for some expressive animations and a more saturated and high energy color palette. This would be needed for such a boring location like a DMV, even though this particular DMV is located between both the living realm and the true afterlife.

Intended Audience

The intended audience would be mobile users and those who are fans of the management game genre.

Player Experience

The player has to ensure that the right mouse is assigned to the right relic. In addition to this, they’re responsible for sending the right group of mice out when heroes try to use the relic. They need to have a group ready in time for the next call to action so the player needs to act quick or risk being fired.

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