Game Concept/Proposal – Olivia Bogs

Player Objectives: As a vicious war between cat and mice rages in the castle, a young mouse seeks to bring an end to the war by gaining the Queen’s favor. To do so, the player must complete missions such as mending the Queen’s gowns, repairing her jewelry, and tidying her room, among other tasks.

Game Mechanics: While the player has a mouse-eye view, everything else in the Queen’s chamber is, well, human-sized. This makes completing tasks slightly more challenging, requiring the player to scale furniture, traverse a sea of bedding, or travel from one end of the room to the other without being spotted by the Queen’s servants, cats, or even the Queen herself, as humans (and cats) come in and out of the room. While servants and cats will always be hostile towards the player, as more tasks are successfully completed to gain the Queen’s favor, the Queen becomes friendlier to the player. This game involves elements of strategy, puzzles, and stealth.

Characters: Guinevere – main playable character; Queen Anna, servants/maids, cats – NPCs

Key Objects: the royal hairbrush, Queen Anna’s crown, ruby necklace, and shoes

Game World: Although the overarching story is set in the castle as a whole, the gameplay specifically takes place in the Queen’s bedroom.

Gameplay Highlights: A lighthearted, fast-paced stealth game that is visually pleasing. A fun, energetic game perfect for entertainment and blowing off steam.

Target Audience: Thematically this game is suitable for all ages, although younger children may find the stealth elements more challenging. Given the game is lighthearted and themed around a mouse in a castle, yet still has plenty of action, this game may appeal to the indie game audience. The juxtaposition of the theme and gameplay elements such as puzzle-solving and stealth will be big selling points. 

Game Style/Player Experience: The game is in third-person to make navigating the level easier, to give the player increased awareness of approaching “enemies”, and to highlight Guinevere’s character design.

Art Style: Objects have mostly realistic proportions with a slight cartoon influence to highlight the size difference of the mouse and human objects. Visually the clothing, jewelry, and other in-game objects are inspired by Polish art, clothing, and culture.

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