Kaamil Lokhandwala – Origamice


Origamice is a paper-themed third-person stealth-strategy game where the player is a mouse that hides and summons mice ancestors to fight off a cat that has been terrorizing them. The game is inspired by the climax of Loretta Kropinski’s Royal Mice. The game will have a paper-like style as if the scene was created with child-friendly materials. Environmental assets could range from cardboard, newspaper and tape-like materials as surrounding assets to form the scene. The player will play as Cadbury with the sword and horn, running around “summoning” ancestors that are pieces of paper strewn around the map. They will fold up into different mice to attack the cat. To get to these pieces of paper, there is a stealth element involved, as the cat will be trying to find you. If found, the player loses. If they locate and find all the ancestors, they win.

Origami Aesthetic

Player Objectives

The player’s main objective is to find and summon all mouse ancestors to defeat the cat, Max. The player must also avoid being found by Max.

Game Mechanics

Mechanically, the game is intuitive and simple. The player must run around and hide from Max while stepping on paper and blowing the horn in order to summon a mouse ancestor. The paper will fold up over time into an origami mouse. The horn will attract Max, so ancestors can only be summoned at specific times when Max is far away or distracted. This means that the player must set up a moment for themselves so that they can summon the ancestor in time. They will use the environment to the advantage because the player is much smaller than Max. Once all ancestors are summoned, the player wins. There will be a leaderboard for time, to see how fast the player can defeat Max. If they are caught in the process, the player loses.

Characters and Key Objects

The player plays Cadbury, as he is the mouse who summoned the ancestors with how sword and horn in the story. Max is the cat chasing the main character. The rest of the characters will be the ancestors that Cadbury summons. Some of the key objects are the needlepoint sword Cadbury carries as well as the horn he uses to make scraps of paper fold into the warrior mouse ancestors.

Gameplay Highlights/Hooks/Features

One of the main hooks of the game is its unique art style of a scrappy, paper-built environment and characters. Because of this, the color palette of the world is limited, making the colors of the characters pop even more.

Game World

The game world will consist of one single study area within the queen’s castle with tables, books, and scraps of paper. The player will explore the area to summon all mouse ancestors.


The audience is mainly casual gamers that want a short, fun experience and are competitive and resourceful to get better times upon completing the challenge.

Game Style

The game style, as stated earlier is a third-person stealth-strategy game. 

Art Style

The art style is one of the low poly models made to look like paper. The environment will look like it is made of cardboard, taped together, and the mice and the cat will look like origami. It only requires simple shapes modeling wise, but well-made textures.

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