Jack Riley- Royal Mice Proposal

Game Design Proposal- Gilbert’s Tale

In this 2D side-scrolling puzzle game, the player controls the ancient mouse hero that first wielded the sword of legend as he searches the castle for a worthy hiding spot. However, this tale is being orated by Gilbert the Wise, whose memory fails him from time to time. As a result, the level and objectives change during the game as Gilbert remembers, corrects, and re-tells the story. For example, the journey to ascend a flight of stairs could be corrected to a descent into the cellar, causing the staircase that the player is on to change accordingly. This mechanic would primarily serve to highlight the ridiculous moments that can arise from a poorly-remembered story. The art style of the game will heavily utilize stylized art, text panels and intricate borders similar to those of the original story book in order to further give the impression of a tale being told.

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