Olivia Bogs – Portfolio

High Poly Models

Self Portrait
Actor Steven Yeun – front view
Actor Steven Yeun – profile

Photoshop & Digital Painting

A poster I created for my Storytelling in Games class – meant to capture the attention of passerby and draw them into an “alternate reality game”.
Cain – a commissioned work for a Dante’s Inferno themed card game
Ro – a character design concept




Pixel Jump – a 2D platformer game. I created all art assets for the game.


A pleated skirt, created using Marvelous Designer

Contact information: obogs@wpi.edu

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  1. Isaac Donkoh-Halm says:

    FUNNY – Your 3D Animation Final is still as funny watching it again, even after watching it for the first time about a year ago. I keep finding more great things about this video upon each rewatch.

    Also, your facial capture video isn’t showing up for me?

  2. Davina Dawson says:

    quirky – I love your 3D Animation Final. All of the jump cuts and the pauses make the animation really quirky and fun, which fits so well with the audio. When the guys say “Theyre not even soft” and they freeze for a beat, then it cuts to the long head turn- I really love how you used this sort of silly animation style to fit the scene!

  3. Tom Towadros says:

    Funny – That 3D animation class was iconic, your video hit me with a good bit of nostalgia.

  4. Sarah Love says:

    cute – the art style for your platformer is adorable!

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