Wallace’s Art Portfolio

High Poly 3D Sculpts

A more realistic take on one of the Mantis Lords from Hollow Knight.
A sculpt of my own head.


Digital Painting


A character entering an idle position.
A character strafing.


This was a costume of Thresh from League of Legends that I created for myself back in high school as an independent study project. The mask is papier-mâché, wire, and 3d printed parts with green LEDs. The gauntlets are 3d printed, as well as the key chain. The lantern is made of floral foam, duct tape, a 3d printed lock, and green LEDs. The scythe is whittled particle board. The back spine is cut plywood, and the outfit is fabric, foam and metal chain. I designed, modeled, printed, and crafted the entire costume, except for the boots, they were an old pair I had lying around.

Traditional Sculpture

This was my sculpture of the plague doctor from Darkest Dungeon which I did for my humanities practicum.

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  1. Olivia Bogs says:

    colorful – I feel like all of your 2D pieces have nice colors that not only work well within the individual pieces, but in your portfolio as a whole; it feels very warm and cohesive!

  2. Davina Dawson says:

    impressive – Your plague doctor sculpture is so cool! Putting that much detail into a physical sculpture kinda blows my mind, and the pose is so dynamic and balanced and its overall just really heckin great!

  3. Tom Towadros says:

    Colorful – I tend to mute the color in a lot of my work, so it’s always refreshing to see colors used well. Always love to see a good Chef Excellence too.

  4. Jack Riley says:

    Scary- That Plague Doctor model does a really nice job of capturing her melee animation, which is good because it’s well made but bad because now the battle theme’s stuck in my head…

  5. Tyler Marcus says:

    Funny – Omae Wa Mo Shinderu

  6. Joy Tartaglia says:

    Impressive – I really like your Mantis Lord model. I absolutely love Hollow Knight, and your 3D model of the character looks great!

  7. Owen Aguirre says:

    Funny- I found Isabelle and Kenshiro Shop very funny.

  8. Emma Lowry says:

    Scary – Your Thresh cosplay is awesome, and makes great use of LED light to make it all the more intimidating!

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