Janelle Knight – Animation

First time 3D animating… took awhile and much suffering. I still have no idea how to animate after watching tutorials, so that’s fun. I think this animation could be better but I have no idea how to make it better. The end! 😀

Kaamil Lokhandwala – Animation

For the animation section, I modeled a mouse to look like origami, basing it off of my concept for the style of the game. I created a joint system for the mouse, skinned it and created a rig and IK controls. I created some simple animations from this rig, although some of them need editing….

Tyler B Marcus – Animated Character

I spent most of the time fixing up the feet which were really whack. The arms are still very much a work in progress, but should be fixed very soon.

Davina WAM Object Preproduction

When we went to the WAM I was still deciding what my detailed object would be. We looked at a lot of armor and weaponry from the time, but none of that really fit into my image of my level. Since my level taked place in the queen’s bedroom, I have considered putting some dresses…