Joy Tartaglia – Game Concept

My concept is an adventure RPG about a war between mice and cats and how the legendary sword and horn came to be.

Objective: The sword and horn have to be made in order to face the cats and defeat them.

Mechanics: The player controls the main character mouse to explore, collect specific materials, craft the sword and horn, and fight the cats. Until the sword and horn are crafted, cats have to be avoided. Humans have to be avoided at all times. Smaller enemies can be encountered along the way, such as insects and traitor mice. Exploration includes simple platforming and simple puzzles, such as a switch that opens a secret passage.

Characters and Key Objects: The main character is a mouse named Martin. He’ll be aided by other mice such as Rose, and Luke.

Key objects include the materials required to craft the sword and horn, and the sword and horn themselves. Other objects include keys to unlock doors.

Game World: The game will mostly take place in the castle and its many rooms and hallways. There will be one small outdoor courtyard. The locations will include the royal bedroom, the main hallways, main entrance, the throne room, dining room, kitchen, and dungeons.

Gameplay highlights:
– Explore a castle from a mouse’s perspective.
– Fight enemies that bar the path, such as spiders.
– Encounters with cats are dangerous games of cat and mouse until the tables are turned with the sword and horn.

Intended Audience: This game will be for young adults. There will be some death since the mice are initially losing the war and the main character will be fighting smaller enemies.

Game Style: It is an adventure RPG with an emphasis on exploration.

Art Style: It will be somewhat based on the book.

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