Kaamil Lokhandwala – Detailed Game Object

My detailed game object is a bell which the player will use to wake up the mice warrior ancestors during the hide and seek from Max. It is made to look like a cardboard, a duct tape roll, and a pencil. The overall shape was inspired by the Worcester art museum. I painted over it with a light brown color and a height map to simulate scotch tape.

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  1. Olivia Bogs says:

    I know for your modular kit you were trying to edit some of the furniture textures to look like they were put together with tape and I can see you were able to achieve that look with this bell! Looks great!

  2. Jasmine Duerk says:

    I love the idea! Especially the pencil part is super creative. For the tape, if you’re going for a masking tape-type look, I think it could be super cool if you make the edges look ripped as opposed to cut.

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