Ryan Doyle: Sensory Metaphors

For my project, I made a short “game” where the premise is a person is trying to finish an important project before a strict deadline. The metaphor in this project arises from the fact that this person is depicted inside of an oven. The idea is that working on a tough project is like turning…

Ryan Doyle: Sensor(y) Metaphors Concept

Concept: The concept of this project involves a person working on an important project with an upcoming deadline(sounds kind of familiar). This person is depicted inside of an oven. The user will be able to control a knob on the oven which will turn up the heat and cause the person to work faster. However,…

Ryan Doyle: Augmented Selfie

This project used the grab hotspot patch as a basis. For this project, I was hoping to evoke feelings of anxiety, claustrophobia, and chaos. There are a total of 6 different effects that can be triggered by moving your hands on different parts of the screen. These effects will deactivate if you wait 3 seconds.

Ryan Doyle: Meme Remix

A pretty simple remix based off of the MLG memes. The MLG memes are a collection of video and audio clips used to parody video game montage videos. The song used is “Get Blazed” by Desembra

Ryan Doyle: Paper Nature V2

Not too much change from the previous version. I focused on adding color to the animation, since I felt it made a better connection between the screen and the controller(the apples).

Ryan Doyle: Paper Nature

My paper nature project follows the life cycle of an apple. There are 2 controls, each controlled by an apple. The Granny Smith(Green) advances time through 4 stages. The Red Delicious(Red) makes someone pick the apple provided it is ripe. If it is not, a sound will play indicating it.

Ryan Doyle: Paper Nature Concept

My paper nature project will focus on the life cycle of an apple. The project will have 2 controls. One of them advances time, making the apple grow, fall off the tree, or decompose. The second control lets the user pick the apple as long as it is ripe. The second control will be controlled…

Ryan Doyle: Interactive Animation

There are 5 interactions in my animation Clicking the computer causes a face to appear on it and yawn. Clicking the coffee cup causes a frog to jump out of it. Clicking the laundry bag causes fireworks to shoot out of it. Clicking the lockbox causes blue liquid to ooze out of it. Clicking the…

Ryan Doyle: Animated Abstraction

Explanation: The individual squares increase and decrease in size randomly. When the squares approach their smallest size they produce a random low note and when they approach their largest size they produce a random high note. When a note is played, the background is set to a randomized color. In general, the higher the note…

Ryan Doyle Short Bio

Recent Projects(Oldest to Newest) I was interested in music from a very young age. I started taking piano lessons at age 5 and continued until the end of high school. I made some short piano compositions when I was 7. I also participated in chorus in middle school and continued that into high school as…