Ryan Doyle: Sensor(y) Metaphors Concept


The concept of this project involves a person working on an important project with an upcoming deadline(sounds kind of familiar). This person is depicted inside of an oven. The user will be able to control a knob on the oven which will turn up the heat and cause the person to work faster. However, if the person works too hard for too long they will burn out, and not be able to work anymore. A second knob on the oven indicates how much time they have left to complete the project, and a third one indicates how much progress has been made on the project. The goal is to complete the project before it is due without burning out.


Ideally, the user will be able to control the knob using the joystick on a game controller. This will likely be the most difficult part considering how finicky the joysticks can be. There will be a main videoplane with animation of the character working, and 3 other videoplanes for the knobs which will be rotated to make them move.

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