Artist & Project Inspirations

Geometric Abstraction

Wassily Kandinsky (see Geometric Form section)

Piet Mondrian Line Over Form

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Ernst Benkert

Sonia Delaunay – Rythmes Colorés

Thomas Downing – Dots

Günter Fruhtrunk

Kenneth Martin – Chance Order

Bridget Riley

Frank Stella

Sophie Taeuber-Arp – Compositions

Zanis Waldheims

Animated Geometric abstraction

Mary Ellen Bute – Synchromy No. 4: Escape (1938)

Oskar Fischinger – Optical Poem (1938)

Norman McLaren – Dots (1940), Lines Horizontal (1962), Synchromy (1971)

Video Synthesis

Nam June Paik – Wobbulator

Woody Vasulka and Brian O’Reilly – Scan Processor Studies

Stephen Beck – Video Weavings

Atari Video MusicBlue Mondays

Superman Atari 2600

Julien Bayle – Alpha 

Generative Art

Jared Tarbell generative art works

Jared Tarbell old site

Matt Pearson (author of our Generative Art book) artworks with source code

Marius Watz


Video Music

Emergency Broadcast Network

EBN – We Will Rock You

EBN – Electronic Behavior Control System

JR’s Duet for Alto & Tenor Televisions

Autechre – Gantz Graf

Kutiman – Thru You

1024 – Boombox

1024 – Euphorie

Amon Tobin – ISAM Trailer


Grindin’ – Nobody Beats the Drum

Computer Vision

David Rokeby – Very Nervous System

David Rokeby – Dark Matter

Golan Levin – Messa di Voce

Golan Levin – Double-Taker (Snout)

Insecurity Cam

Daniel Rozin mirror projects

Christian Möller – Cheese

Kinect Titty Tracker

Karolina Sobecka – Perfect Creatures

Make the Line Dance

Chris Milk – The Treachery of Sanctuary

Memo Akten – Reincarnation

Kyle McDonald – Blind Self Portrait

Chris O’Shea – Hand from Above


Joshua Rosenstock – Fermentophone

Solenoid Concert

Raphael Lozano-Hemmer – Tape Recorders

Raphael Lozano-Hemmer – Pulse Drip


Near Tag Quality

Senseless Drawing Bot

The High-Lighter

Enough Already


Riley Harmon – What it Is Without the Hand that Wields It

An Instrument For the Sonification of Everyday Things

Image Toaster

Floppy Music


Yuri Suzuki – Looks Like Music

Multimedia Instruments

Maywa Denki

Paper Art

Eric Rosenbaum’s Musical Paintings & Instructable

Su Blackwell’s Book Sculptures

Johann Volkmer’s One Year of Pop Ups

Popupology Flickr

Make your own pop ups

Getting started with Pepakura/papercraft

Cutout – Maya papercraft plugin

Interactive Art

Sound+Visual+Movement Tumblr

The Collected Works of Golan Levin et al

The Collected Works of Glen Murphy

The Collected Works of Kyle McDonald

MIT Aesthetics + Computation Group – Projects

United Visual Artists: Works

Creative Applications Network

MoMA Talk to Me: Interactive Exhibit List

Multimedia Telepresense Using PureData

Rhizome Art Base: Huge Repository of Interactive Artworks


Artist and Computer (1976)

Digital Art Museum early artists