Daniel McDonough – Sound Animation

Using the Geometric Abstraction assignment as inspiration I ended up producing an animation that could change to any song.

Here I play some music out of my phone into an external mic. The animation changes according to the frequency, pitch, spikes, and volume of the music. As the sound from my phone is very soft, and the mic would only pick up loud sounds, I had to change the sensitivity of the animation to consider very slight changes. This is why the animation still plays in “silence” because the fan in the background was still being picked up.

Using the jit.noise block I was able to change the theta, pixel size and shape as different songs played.

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  1. Interesting and subtle texture effects.

  2. Colin Ancalmo says:

    It’s very cool dynamic this animation is. Even with similar sounds, like a kick drum, the colors and grid responds in a slightly different way each time! The spiraling effect is also interesting, seems like jit.noise is a pretty powerful block.

  3. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The visual style of the animation is very pleasing to look at. The texture of the animation is very calm and soothing.

    The way how each animation matches each song is also really well done. It is simple and dynamic in its structure.

  4. Joy Tartaglia says:

    It’s almost mesmerizing to watch. I like how it appears to ripple and how the colors change too.

  5. Matt Johannesen says:

    I love the variety of colors, shapes, and patterns you were able to achieve with this! It feels fresh throughout the whole video, and never seems to settle into any particular order.

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