Musical Robotic Tattoo Machine

Music can touch you deeply and leave its mark. I created a robot tattoo machine that can play music and tattoo skin. This is a far more literal version of art leaving its mark on you. The song you hear is actually coming from the motors of the machine as they make different pitches when…

Arduino CNC Drawing

Using an arduino uno and cnc shield, I created a cnc platform from 3 linear stages. I loaded the arduino with the opensource grbl firmware and can interface this from my computer through the universal g-code sender platform. The vision for my final project is to create an experience in which the participant draws an…

Arduino Automated Projector Screen

My roommates and I used an Arduino Uno to run a stepper motor geared to a projector screen. I laser cut and 3d printed the gears for the assembly. It is a 4:1 gear reduction for more torque when pulling the screen up. The entire build is powered off of a 24v dc power supply….

Interactive Animation: Desert Scene

Using a recently acquired 4’x8′ whiteboard, my roommate and I drew a desert scene to set the mood in our common room. Using this backdrop, I created interactive elements in MAX. The interactive items include, a Cactus, Rock, Road, Street Lamp, and Cloud. When pressed, each element reacts with an animation and an accompanying audio…

Surprise Birthday Selfie Trip Wire

I created a video trip wire tool for any surprise birthday party. When the birthday target walks through the cameras view, they are instantly bombarded with happy birthday chaos! I modified the Pixel Color Patch to identify changes in pixel brightness and result in activating a surprise birthday celebration.

Max Snapper

I created I Max Patch that simulates a clapper light switch. With this creation, turning your lights on is as simple as clapping your hands or snapping your fingers!

Shooting Star Remixing

I created a Shooting Star Remixer that toogles between intro audio track and two different shooting star memes using a Xbox controller. The A button triggers the intro, the left trigger toggles the Yeah Boi version of the meme and the right trigger toggles the Bridge diving version of the meme. One is able to…

Balloon:Updated Paper Nature

As I was attending the Reno Air Races late last week all through the weekend, I was unable to implement revisions to the Paper nature project. I put substantial effort into satisfying my creative vision last week so that I did not need more time to finish. That being said, there were some recommendations that…

Paper Nature: Hot Airships

I created a 3D paper hot air balloon puzzle. There is an instructional animation demonstrating how to assemble the puzzle on the computer and on only when fully assembled, plays a video of my life size hot airship work I developed this summer.

Paper Nature Prototype

My concept for this paper craft project is to have a series of interlocking origami paper pieces that only when assembled in a certain configuration, will an unlocking animation play with satisfactory audio. I am playing with what shape should be the final design as these base interlocking pieces are able to interlock in many…

Animated Abstraction

The beat I created using a set of Cassette 808 tracks is based off of “Lucy” by Still Woozy.

Jeremy Trilling – Geometric Abstraction

I took inspiration from Frank Stella and Josef Albers’ work with varying colored squares. I find that these works illicit a 3D effect while being 2D designs. I created this patcher to change all layer colors based on pressing one of three buttons shown on the left side of the screen