Surprise Birthday Selfie Trip Wire

I created a video trip wire tool for any surprise birthday party. When the birthday target walks through the cameras view, they are instantly bombarded with happy birthday chaos!

I modified the Pixel Color Patch to identify changes in pixel brightness and result in activating a surprise birthday celebration.

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  1. Tom Towadros says:

    Gonna have to be careful not to cause any heart attacks with this one if the recipient is completely oblivious. For real though, this is quite a practical application of the technology, and I can see way too many applications for this on an occasion like Halloween.

  2. Jonathan Shiery says:

    This project feels like it could have a large number of practical uses, outside of the birthday aesthetic. It’s easy enough for anyone to set up, which makes it very appealing. I would like to see how well this would work in a real situation.

  3. Joy Tartaglia says:

    This is an interesting idea and I can see it working to cause chaos in an even more elaborate fashion. For the video itself, maybe you could pice together different videos and different audios and then blend them together at the end for extra chaos.

  4. Daniel McDonough says:

    This is a real world application that could be used for anyone’s birth or special occasion. I can definitely see the idea of a trip-wire be used in future projects. It would interesting to see more interactivity beyond the single pixel change.

  5. Sylvia Lin says:

    I don’t know how well this is going to work with real-life scenarios because of the way Max patcher captures the color/luminosity parameters. I can certainly appreciate the idea behind this though. It is very sweet.
    You can also turn this into a creepy and scary animation easily. Maybe that would work even better consider the background is probably gonna be very dark. As long as the person in front of the camera is dressed in some light color it should work fine!

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