Matt Johannesen – “Bricked”

I may have bitten off more than I could chew with this one. I decided to make my Augmented Selfie a reflection of my current state, very fuzzy and uncertain while still blocked in (it comes easy when one tries to overload and lead a new game development team simultaneously) – and to go about…

Augmented Selfies – Cem Alemdar

For this project I wanted to make music with the webcam image. I wanted to have different points on the camera that would play certain sounds depending on their luminosity, but realized that luminosity is not an easy value to control with so much ambient light around the room. So I decided on using RGB…

Jonathan Shiery – Augmented Selfies

For my project, I wanted to incorporate being able to control music with the camera. It gave me the idea of being the conductor of an orchestra, so I decided to make an interactive orchestra. Depending on the amount of movement happening on the camera, it correlates to changing the speed of the orchestra.

Colin Ancalmo – Augmented Selfie

I made a selfie filter that plays music and adds visuals when you dance. It is build on the Motion Scrubber and Faces2GL2 patches from class. The faster you dance, the faster the song plays. Song: Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland Used images:

Surprise Birthday Selfie Trip Wire

I created a video trip wire tool for any surprise birthday party. When the birthday target walks through the cameras view, they are instantly bombarded with happy birthday chaos! I modified the Pixel Color Patch to identify changes in pixel brightness and result in activating a surprise birthday celebration.

Ryan Doyle: Augmented Selfie

This project used the grab hotspot patch as a basis. For this project, I was hoping to evoke feelings of anxiety, claustrophobia, and chaos. There are a total of 6 different effects that can be triggered by moving your hands on different parts of the screen. These effects will deactivate if you wait 3 seconds.

Joy Tartaglia – Augmented Selfies

I really liked the idea of interacting with objects with physics, so I decided to see if I could use movement to control the direction of an object. Make some kind of movement on the left side of the camera and the object will move left, and so on. I used the impulse message to…

Sylvia Lin – Augmented Selfie

My initial idea was to replace the random point generator with some pictures of my personal stuff, such as my favorite makeup, favorite boots, favorite headphones, etc. So whenever a bang is sent, a bunch of small pictures would drop and I could push them aside on the screen using gestures. After talking with Kyria…

Tom Tawadros – Augmented Selfie

For this project I was really interested in getting multiple faces to control the output of my Max patcher. So interested that I overlooked the goal of the project, which was to augment my own image. Nevertheless, I think the end result is quite compelling. The patcher responds differently depending on how many faces are…

Isaac Augmented Selfie

I tried going for a “photobooth” style of selfie, with two of the same feed going on at once. One represents a more erratic, colorful version of myself. While the other is more professional and reserved. A button timed to a metronome opens the video feed of one while closing the other, and vice versa.

Daniel McDonough – Augmented Selfies

Here I implemented chromatic aberration that correlated with the distance of my face to the camera. As I go closer to the camera the effect increases. I also included random intensity changers on each color channels to make it more interesting visually.