Tom Tawadros – Augmented Selfie

For this project I was really interested in getting multiple faces to control the output of my Max patcher. So interested that I overlooked the goal of the project, which was to augment my own image. Nevertheless, I think the end result is quite compelling. The patcher responds differently depending on how many faces are read by the cv.jit.faces object. The works with up to 5 faces, with a little surprise once the 5th face is seen.

Here I’m manually increasing the number of “faces” detected by the camera.

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  1. Ryan Doyle says:

    Well, that came out of nowhere! The visuals look really cool.

  2. Colin Ancalmo says:

    This piece is very enjoyable, with the setup and buildup as more people get involved, and then the payoff at the end. It use of visual and audio effects builds suspense, and then it catches you off guard when you least expect it.
    It might be cool to add a shepard tone to add even more anticipation.

  3. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The audio and visual effects create a sense of anticipation to the viewer, which is quickly broken when the final scene is achieved. It’s a great use of breaking the focus of the viewer in an infuriating, yet harmless way.

  4. Joy Tartaglia says:

    It was fun watching your demonstration in class. There was a lot of suspense waiting to see what the next effect was, and they were really neat! I found the sound a bit loud jarring at times in the transitions, though. But I didn’t mind the ending. It was the last thing I expected, so it served as a good surprise.

  5. Matt Johannesen says:

    Although the audio was somewhat unnerving toward the end, I really like how this experience turned out. The video clip you selected is mesmerizing and ethereal, and would be bound to draw multiple people to the screen and discover the different states if it was out in the open. I think it might’ve been cool to have some sort of hint as to what color/phase comes next in the sequence.

  6. Sylvia Lin says:

    I really like how you played with different effects, particularly the color. I am particularly a fan of the blue-whitish one, it looks soooo pretty! I think you can improve this project by coordinating the sound effects a bit more so some of them can sound less abrupt.

  7. Daniel McDonough says:

    This reminds me of a resonance simulation. Its very well done. The flow between the faces is very well done but could have more of a linear scaling.

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