Final – Music Glove

Patrick Luck The metaphor was that you cannot touch music but music can touch you to represent this I created a glove that plays notes when you curl your fingers.

Augmented Selfie

Patrick Luck This is William. He copies the user’s face and mouth using the OBS Face Tracking Software.

Meme Remix

Patrick Luck Fastest Hotdog Shooter Meme Remixer. You can record and play clips of the main video.

Auto Lip Sync

Jeffery will auto Lip Sync to any audio you give him. Here is the Patch, It will work without any files other than audio files you input. { “patcher” : { “fileversion” : 1, “appversion” : { “major” : 8, “minor” : 0, “revision” : 6, “architecture” : “x64”, “modernui” : 1 } , “classnamespace”…

Nature Pitch

Patrick Luck I want to make an interactive animation of a T-Rex in the wild. The physical interactive aspect will be a 3D paper head of a t-rex which will be able to open and close it’s Jaw. The Makey Makey will be hooked up inside the Dino such that it can detect when the…

Interactive Animation – Everyday Mysteries

by Patrick Luck I have been working on a Pikachu Rig in my spare time, so I thought it might be cool to try and make some animations using it. I made an Idle animation that plays whenever you aren’t clicking. Each animation is set to activate once you click on the proper spot. I…

Shape Abstraction

I took the Mona Lisa, pixelated it till it was just a bunch of abstract shapes and colors, and tried to recreate it in Max using circles and planes.

Patrick Luck Short Bio of Artworks

My name is Patrick Luck. I have had a lot of experience with both traditional 2D art, Digital art, 3D modeling, and animation. I have been studying game design since the age of 8, typically through the use of game design summer camps. However, these courses typically focused on the technical side of game design,…