SuperBloom Entertainment System Improvements

Based on the feedback I received in class, I added another layer of flowers to increase the variety of colors on screen. There would be another pot connected to the makeymakey to trigger the videos in the playlist, this time mapped to the space button.

Isaac Augmented Selfie

I tried going for a “photobooth” style of selfie, with two of the same feed going on at once. One represents a more erratic, colorful version of myself. While the other is more professional and reserved. A button timed to a metronome opens the video feed of one while closing the other, and vice versa.

Isaac Donkoh-Halm Meme Remixer – Awkward Stare

I created a videoboard of sorts for the song “Only” by Nicki Minaj. Similar to this meme below: I used Reaper to create a loop of the first four notes, and then Premiere to cut films and TV shows that I own in time to the music. The list of videos I used were: Fresh…

SBES – Superbloom Entertainment System

A superbloom is a natural phenomenon in which a large number of flowers bloom largely at the same time. My pitch for this project is an interactive flower pot which allows you to grow (and destroy) a field of poppies by planting a paper craft flower into a pot connected to a MakeyMakey board. When…

Isaac Donkoh-Halm Animated Abstraction

Following alongside the tutorial, I created a simple audio visualizer that responds to music. I’ve followed along this tutorial for setting up Thank you dude837 for the help.

Isaac Donkoh-Halm Geometric Abstraction (WIP)

My creative influences for this project was Josef Albers and Kanye West. My goal was to recreate each of Kanye’s album covers only using geometric shapes, and that the user could randomize the colors and positions of the shapes using buttons. I am currently working on finding ways to do so, but at the moment,…

Isaac Donkoh-Halm Short Bio

Hello! My name is Isaac Donkoh-Halm and I am an IMGD Art Major graduating this year.  Before attending WPI, most of my creative endeavors took the form of short films and video editing. I worked with public access channel Lowell Telecommunications Corporation to shoot, edit, and create and time graphics for the Lowell Folk Festival,…