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My name is Isaac Donkoh-Halm and I am an IMGD Art Major graduating this year. 

Before attending WPI, most of my creative endeavors took the form of short films and video editing. I worked with public access channel Lowell Telecommunications Corporation to shoot, edit, and create and time graphics for the Lowell Folk Festival, the Lowell African Festival, and more. In High School, I performed in two theatre productions as a background singer/dancer, and was an amateur DJ for the school dances. At WPI, I learned 2D and 3D Animation, alongside 3D Modeling.

I’ve had some light programming experience programming visual novels for game jams (RenPy), and briefly toyed around with Arduinos at my internship at Spectral Sciences. During my last year in high school, I built a custom arcade cabinet powered by a Raspberry Pi running RetroArch, an emulator frontend system. 

One of my creative goals for both this course and my career is to create a well-designed video game/experience that revolves around hip hop. Despite being the most popular genre consumed in recent years (Nielsen) there are very few games released that prominently incorporate rapping or hip-hop dancing, aside from using it as a backdrop to violence. 

In my spare time, I enjoy playing rhythm games, including the Guitar Hero/Rock Band series, Dance Central, and Parappa the Rapper. I am also currently teaching myself the drums and bass.

Some of my projects follow below:

3D Animation First Pass for 3D Animation 2
Perlenware (Mock Up) A collection of Microgames inspired by the Wario Ware series created in Perlenspiel
Perlenware (cont’d)
YouDunnit! A Comedy Visual Novel where you play as a butler who must frame members of a wealthy household of murder.
Kate Olguin Interview for Oral History of Video Games IQP
Red Pepper Documentary for Huamanties seminar

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stuff. I’m a huge hip hop lover too so I’m looking forward to seeing your hip hop games and art. There’s a part of this class coming up in a few weeks when we get to the VJ stuff that is very hip hop inspired.

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