Jonathan Shiery – Short Bio and artworks

Hi, my name is Jonathan Shiery, I am a game designer and audio designer. While my favorite things to make are related to game design and audio design, I like to try and be skilled in a lot of areas. In terms of both my artwork and my programming skills, I would not consider myself a master at them. I would say that of the two I am more skilled in art, though.

I’m always trying to put myself in front of all different types of projects. By doing this, it gives me the opportunity to experience new things and give me new ideas of what is feasible to do with them, which also helps me when it comes to my passion of game design. I also try to find inspirations from all the different types of media I use, with TV shows, movies, and, of course, video games. I’m always searching to combine different areas of design to try and create something new.

Because I’ve done so many different types of projects, I decided to include a bit of everything for my examples.

My favorite projects include those involving sound design. Finding, creating, and editing sounds is incredibly satisfying. Below is one of the sound design projects I’ve done in the past. While short, it still takes a lot of work to get it to sound just right.

Below is one of the projects I submitted for my environmental design class. I ended up 3D modeling and texturing a lot of assets to create a hotel, and the video goes around and shows everything done with that hotel.

I also do a lot of things concerning game design. Below is one of the games acted as the level designer in one of my game design classes. The game was called Stick It! and it acted as a 2D platformer/puzzle game. In the game, you would create blocks from where you were standing and use those platforms to get to different locations. You would do this by sticking to the sides of those blocks.

While I do not consider myself a phenomenal artist, I do enjoy dabbling in it from time to time. The style that I try to do with my art is a sort of pixel art style. A couple of examples of what I’ve done are down below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your stuff. As probably comes across in class, I’m very much an audio person at heart too. I think you’ll find some new playful ways to combine sounds with visuals in this course.

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