Daniel McDonough – Bio & Artworks

Good Morning,

I’m Danny, a senior Computer Science and Bioinformatics double major. I’m from Rhode Island and love puzzles and Pokemon. I enjoy tasks that make me think outside the box or learn something new. Below is one of my favorite puzzles. Try to see if you can solve it, the answer is one 5-letter word.

I like to think I am fairly competent at programing. I have a wide knowledge of topics such as, databases, machine learning, data visualization and am currently taking computer vision. In my free time I enjoy making web pages such as:

Currently I’ve taken 3D Modeling 1, and Environmental Modeling for my art background. I find that modeling, although sometimes frustrating, tends to be very therapeutic when you’re in the zone and have the right sound track. Some examples include:

I hope to learn new skills and techniques in this class.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was smart enough to solve your puzzle! I think you are definitely going to find some new ways to playfully combine art and tech in this course.

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