Arduino CNC Drawing

Using an arduino uno and cnc shield, I created a cnc platform from 3 linear stages. I loaded the arduino with the opensource grbl firmware and can interface this from my computer through the universal g-code sender platform.

The vision for my final project is to create an experience in which the participant draws an image on a piece of paper. Above this is a webcam that snaps an image of the drawing. This image is then post processed and turned into a vector file. Once in this vector file, the arduino cnc machine draws on the other arm of the participant with a marker or pen, the drawing they just drew.

The metaphor behind this is one about the world of connected technology and automation for the sake of automation. I want to illuminate the ridiculousness of how we have smart IOT lights and frequently it is easier to just turn the switch on than to say “Okay Google” or “Alexa”.

This project is to extend the difficulty of drawing on your own arm where it would be diverting excessive technical intricacy to just put pen to arm with your other hand.

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