Matt Johannesen – Sensor(y) Metaphor: Elephant in the Room

This isn’t very well thought out, I’ll admit – once again this week I’ve been way more caught up with the technology available rather than finding a decent project subject. I kept fixating on the flex sensor in the Arduino kit, wondering what on Earth I could make with it… but today I thought of something that the sensor could represent. An elephant trunk.

For this pitch, I decided to go with a more literal interpretation of the classic metaphor, the elephant in the room. I’m planning to make a digital room in Unity, with 1-2 human characters and an elephant in the room (the elephant could also just have its head through a window). One player would use the flex sensor and at least one other sensor for movement of the elephant, while 1-2 other players use gamepads to avert the human characters’ gaze away from the elephant. The elephant’s goal is to make the humans acknowledge it, and the humans’ goal is to do the opposite.

A quick mockup of a 2-player scenario:

The mechanics are heavily inspired by the recently released Untitled Goose Game, in which you play as a goose whose only goal is to cause mayhem:

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