Jonathan Shiery – Final Project Concept

For my project, I wanted to make use of the microphone as my controller once again. I wanted to make a project based around the concept of singing, where, no matter the quality of the singing, whether it be good or bad, the program always outputs bad singing. I wanted to create a metaphor based off of the idea of someone practicing for years on a single thing, but still being considered bad, because they are simply not gifted to accomplish said thing well. I’ll call this idea simply a “bad professional.” To represent this idea, my metaphor would be “Trained to sing flat notes.”

The only thing I need to properly learn how to do is how to properly implement pitch detection into the Max program itself.

In terms of Max, the code itself should be easy to implement, since most of the information is going to be portrayed with animations and sound effects. Max itself is just going to determine which ones to play based on the pitch and volume of the sound in the microphone.

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