Balloon:Updated Paper Nature

As I was attending the Reno Air Races late last week all through the weekend, I was unable to implement revisions to the Paper nature project. I put substantial effort into satisfying my creative vision last week so that I did not need more time to finish. That being said, there were some recommendations that I found useful for a future iteration.

There was general enjoyment from critiques that the puzzle concept with the video reward at the end. Some had wished I implemented some floating element in the puzzle possibly changing video speed depending on balloon altitude. While this is a novel idea, actualizing this could be rather challenging.

Having a video transition between instructional animation and reward video could add to the user experience.

Some expressed difficulty in recognizing the paper puzzle as a hot air balloon and recommended adding bright color to help the connection. I agree and if I were to create a more anatomical balloon basket, this might also aid in the visual realization better.

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