Interactive Animation: Desert Scene

Using a recently acquired 4’x8′ whiteboard, my roommate and I drew a desert scene to set the mood in our common room. Using this backdrop, I created interactive elements in MAX. The interactive items include, a Cactus, Rock, Road, Street Lamp, and Cloud. When pressed, each element reacts with an animation and an accompanying audio clip.

I used the object to match mouse clicks with each interactive element for which, I created an individual hit box.

Scaling and positioning these hit boxes was tedious but rewarding!

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  1. Isaac Donkoh-Halm says:

    The bright colors you used really made the animations pop out. Great job! I would only add a tiny indicator to show which objects are interactable.

  2. Cem Alemdar says:

    I really liked the light animation. It felt very contextually appropriate. Your motions feel on point, so does the audio. The spider could’ve looked better if it was black.

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