Paper Nature: Hot Airships

I created a 3D paper hot air balloon puzzle. There is an instructional animation demonstrating how to assemble the puzzle on the computer and on only when fully assembled, plays a video of my life size hot airship work I developed this summer.

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  1. Daniel McDonough says:

    I am very interested in the puzzle aspect of the piece. I find it very unique. the way you wired the puzzle as well is very nice and simple as you put in the final piece. Having an instructional video really helps too.

    This may be improved by adding some color to the paper craft. As it stands right now it’s very bare and could incorporate a color scheme similar to that of the balloon in the final video.

    How did you make that instructional video?

  2. Colin Ancalmo says:

    I really like how physical model reflects the theme of hot air balloons. Having the video of an air balloon lifting off when you finish the puzzle is also reflective of the prep required to set up an air balloon!

    One idea that could be fun is if someone lifts up or lowers the balloon model, the speed of the video increases or decreases. I saw a way to do that for audio clips, maybe a similar function is available for video clips?

  3. Jonathan Shiery says:

    It is very interesting how your project also doubles as a puzzle. It gives the project a sense of purpose and encourages engagement with the paper project. It also gives a great sense of accomplishment when you achieve the video as an award, although it could have a better transition between instructions and video.

    What inspired you to go with the idea of making the paper project double as a puzzle?

  4. Tom Towadros says:

    The direction you took with this project was unique and interesting. From a practical standpoint having a puzzle with delicate electronics attached might not be the best idea for a interact-able object, but the idea of having a payoff for solving it is top-notch. I just wish that somehow you could have made the puzzle float or otherwise not need to touch the ground. This is the first time I’ve heard that people can make their own air balloons. Was this a school related project?

  5. Joy Tartaglia says:

    The puzzle is very interactive, and the video at the end is a fun reward that matches with the puzzle concept and design.

    You could color the puzzle so it bears a likeness to your air balloon. The face could be the last piece that starts the video.

    How did you go about designing your puzzle?

  6. Sylvia Lin says:

    This craft has a very architectural vibe to it and I love that. However, also because it is so structured, it didn’t ring the bell in my mind that this is a hot air balloon right away. Maybe consider color the craft the same way as it is shown in your video clip?
    Have you considered cut the video into multiple smaller clips so you can trigger them one at a time with more than just one inserted piece?
    Which software did you use to design the model?

  7. Ryan Doyle says:

    This is definitely my favorite prop.

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