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  1. This is hilarious and very well executed! Nice animation and sound effects.

  2. Jonathan Shiery says:

    This idea is simply clever. The sound effects have a great punch to them. The animation, while simple and short, has a great force to it. If I were to suggest anything, adding a little screen shake to the animation could add some more to the impact for the glass breaking.

  3. Colin Ancalmo says:

    Very creative! The comedic timing here is on point and just makes sense. Adding an the option to undo the window break is cool as well cause the user can break the window multiple times.
    It might be interesting if when you whistle, a bird flies by the window.
    Also nice use of prior projects on the paintings.

  4. Joy Tartaglia says:

    Very nice animation and it’s a very entertaining interaction with how you used the idea that high pitches can shatter glass. I also like your references to your other projects. They help make the environment more interesting to look at so it’s not just a window.

  5. Sylvia Lin says:

    You did a great job smoothing out each from in this animation. The sound effect is also very interesting. I like how you included the apple drawing in the left which reminds me of your paper nature project.
    Overall very entertaining!

  6. Matt Johannesen says:

    It is simple as you said, but the animation and audio timing are on point and really sell the effect you seem to be going for. It might’ve also been cool to have some other things shatter/ fall down as well, like the apple picture and the inflatable guy portrait.

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