Jonathan Shiery – Sound Controlled Animation

For my sound animation, I made it based off of blowing into the microphone. I created a pinwheel that spins depending on how hard you blow into the microphone. The higher the volume level, the faster it spins.

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  1. Clever concept that you executed in a visually appealing style.

  2. Ryan Doyle says:

    Simple, but very appealing.

  3. Joy Tartaglia says:

    The type of input is very intuitive. It’ll work with other sounds, but blowing on the mic is the most obvious action and it works really well with the image of the pinwheel.

  4. Sylvia Lin says:

    This is a simple yet well executed project! It reminds me of my childhood and the blowing sound effect added another level of realness. I think you might consider playing with different sound files – perhaps some cartoonish sound files would also be fit great!
    Did you design this pinwheel from scratch? It is very nicely drawn!

  5. Daniel McDonough says:

    Elegant idea and is executed very well. Have you considered adding a background animation?

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