Ryan Doyle: Sensory Metaphors

For my project, I made a short “game” where the premise is a person is trying to finish an important project before a strict deadline. The metaphor in this project arises from the fact that this person is depicted inside of an oven. The idea is that working on a tough project is like turning up the heat on yourself.

The game is controlled with a game controller. The start button starts/restarts the game and the left joystick controls the heat knob on the oven.

There are 3 knobs on the oven, the first, as I just mentioned, is the heat knob. The higher the heat the faster you work and vice versa. The middle knob shows how much time you have left, and the third knob shows how much progress has been made.

The challenge of the game is that if the heat is turned up for too long, your character will burn out and be unable to work anymore. The burnout is governed by an invisible meter that will cause the burnout if a certain value is reached. This value is increased by turning up the heat and decreased by turning it down.

Once the timer runs out, a different animation is played depending on whether you finished the project or not.

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