Ryan Doyle: Animated Abstraction


The individual squares increase and decrease in size randomly. When the squares approach their smallest size they produce a random low note and when they approach their largest size they produce a random high note. When a note is played, the background is set to a randomized color. In general, the higher the note is, the more likely it is that the color will be brighter. The highest note could produce a background on any color, whereas the lowest note will always produce a black background.

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  1. Interesting application of randomness that creates a nice tension between ordered and unexpected.

  2. Cem Alemdar says:

    This is very satisfying to watch, because everything is in sync with the same random number being generated. I am curious to see how it would look like if you had a random number generated for each individual square.

  3. Jonathan Shiery says:

    The random nature of everything creates an unsettling theme to it, which I think is interesting. You never know what is going to happen next, which makes it an exciting abstraction to witness.

  4. Joy Tartaglia says:

    It’s interesting to watch the squares flicker in size. It’s quick enough that some notes are played closely together and others farther apart for variation due to the randomness.

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