Shiyi Liu’s Modular Building Kit


In this update I sliced the hallway into different pieces instead of a whole part. I made the texture of rug and also added glass like material to the door. I also imported some of Kyle’s work cause I think they might be useful.

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

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  1. Kate Olguin says:

    I think it’s cool how much detail you’ve put into the small assets of the hallway. It’s a bit difficult to see them, but especially the handrail strikes me as a cool addition. The textures on the door seem a little wonky, like they don’t quite line up with each other, but the actual door model itself looks nice.

  2. Laura Sawin says:

    The small assets you created to place throughout the hallway look very nice. I like the look of the arched doorway and think it would be interesting if you could incorporate a similar arch throughout the hallways ceiling. Consider creating a different ceiling piece that could be used as another option.

  3. Abdah St Fleur says:

    I like the texture on the walla, and the door is well built. some of the things you have like the flower is very hard to see. Make the walls wider.

  4. It was really creative that you created hallways. I like the detail you added inside them. The texture on the wall, even though it cool simple, makes the place look modern. It looks as if the building was made out of marble. Well done.

  5. Kyle Trottier says:

    Your small assets are incredibly well done, they’re just a bit hard to see in the pictures. I think it would help if you split the hallway up a bit, like have the wall be different from the ceiling which would allow for larger hallways, more variations, and would make it easier to see you small assets.

  6. Matt Figueroa says:

    You have a great eye for small detail. Just make sure it doesn’t get lost in the grand scheme of things.

  7. Grant Frederick says:

    Your attention to detail is great! Your plant is probably my favorite model. The small assets all work well I think a few more larger ones will really tie it all together

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