Guadalupe Lira Portfolio

Low poly in Maya Render shots from a scene Low poly 3Ds Max 3D model of a dorm room Charcoal Drawings Self Portrait Head bust study Digital Paintings Hugo (Class game) Aurora (Child of Light) vector drawing   Zbrush Tree Zbrush sculpt of Julie Andrews Photography \ View of the Texas State Fair Sunset view

Kate Olguin Portfolio

Portfolio Site: High Poly 3D Sculpt Low Poly 3D Model (It isn’t necessarily low poly, but it was retopo’d and has few enough polygons to be fine in a game engine) Multi – Layered Composition Digital Painting Drawing Animation Games Music  

Lisa Liao’s Artwork

High poly 3D sculpt Digital painting Drawing & Painting Animation Games Tiles Onward Photography


Trapped Inside Soul mates Chase DARK QUENN Love

Matthew Figueroa Portfolio

This is my attempt at Andre the Giant in 3D sculpting. It was my final for 3D modelling 2, and I think it went fairly well. These renders had to be reduced for proper file size. The top is my character from AR1101, and his name is Sent the Alien. The second is a render…

Laura Sawin’s Portfolio

High Poly 3D Sculpt Skull: Ear: Lips: Low Poly 3D Model Maya Teapot: Maya Mouse: Photoshop Collage Self Portrait Collage: Glacier Pattern: Environment Collage: Digital Painting Jazz Cats: Character Design: Over the Garden Wall Poster: Drawing Animation A Tumultuous Trip to School Flour Sack Personality Walk Cycle Games Scramble (Click title to Play): Other Dixieland Trombone…

Shiyi Liu’s Portfolio Blog Post

High poly 3D sculpt (ZBrush)   Low poly 3D model (Maya etc.) Photoshop collage or other multi-layer composition Drawing Animation (embed links (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 to youtube etc.)

Nikki Goldman’s Portfolio Blog Post

  Digital Painting I made this for my class, Concept Art and Creative Illustration.  It is a poster for a show called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Maya Comic I made this for my class, Digital Imaging and Computer Art. Still Life of Hand In Chest The disembodied look of a wooden articulated hand emerging from a…