Grant Frederick – Final Project

Unity Build:

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I was able to fix the sword to stay in the mouse’s hand. I also was able to improve the mouses run however it is still slightly off. I believe this is due to using the mixamo auto rigger. I think it is a great tool but unfortunately is a bit buggy which caused a few issues with my project near the end. I used the rig and the base animations from mixamo and then edited them in Maya to add/remove keyframes, fix the hand and legs, etc. Unfortunately, I was not able to fix the ghost animations or the cape no matter how much I tried. I think by the end the rig for the mouse became corrupt or at least something was wrong with my Maya.

All 3d assets were created by me except the books, which were created by Kyle and the cabinet which was created by Shiyi.

The song used in my game is Eve of the Snow Queen by Secret Stairways.

I created various textures from scratch however many textures were taken from stylized textures found on google images which were then manipulated, many to the point where they were unrecognizable from their original texture.

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  1. Kyle Trottier says:

    The atmosphere of the level is great as it looks great and makes the level flow perfectly. The difference between the dungeon and outside breaks up the level into two distinct parts and both look great, especially in terms of lighting. The use of the sword is also great makes it really feel like the beginning to an actual game. Amazing Job.

  2. Guadalupe says:

    The overall look of your level is amazing. The textures were very well made and give your level life. The ghost mice look very nice. The lighting inside the maze is well done. There’s just enough lighting to be able to see the detail, but dark enough to give it a dungeon feel.

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