Abdah St Fleur: WAM object preproduction and modeling

I wanted to create a vase that I can put in my room level, I wanted my vase to look fragile. The vase is made in Maya with some details added in photoshop. It was inspired by some very detailed vase’s that were at the museum.

Johnnie – Preproduction and Modeling

At the Worcester Art Museum, a few objects decidedly caught my eye when looking for objects to put into my level. The ring/bracelet in particular looked interesting: And the sketches for comparison: The idea here was, since my level involved the confrontation between the Cat and the Ghost Mice, have an object that some player…

Abdah St Fleur

I want to make a detailed vase because the room I have for my level is going to be a kitchen. When I went to the WAM one item I believe fits my kitchen was the vase.  The vase would be something that can hold water or other liquids.

Guadalupe Lira- WAM Object Preproduction & Modeling

What I am going to model is a fancy sword. There were different things that I liked from each artifact and I plan to incorporate them into the sword. I plan to add engravings on the blade and make small holes toward the point of the sword. For the handle, I plan to add a cat…

Matthew Figueroa WAM Object

The original idea of my grapple and belay based game is still in my mind, so I decided to make a grappling hook for my detailed game object. This will be in the player’s hands, and when then player launches it, it will stick to any point on the wall. That’s the idea anyway. I…

Kate Olguin WAM Object Preproduction

While the armor and swords are quite neat, my game takes place in 1939, so armor might be a little out of place. However, I still liked the embellishments on the armor and wanted to do something metallic. In my game, the spirit mice have been replaced with mechanical mice, so I decided to make…

Kyle Trottier’s WAM Object Preproduction

I went with a mix of different swords on display including the modern replica as I thought its simple design seemed more functional than the other swords.  I also liked the style and colors of the armor piece and want to do a similar coloration on the guard to add some interest to the design….

Shiyi Liu’s WAM Object Preproduction & Modeling

I plan to do the oversize long sword in WAM as my detailed game object. I want to give it more details so I made the basic shape in Maya and import it into Zbrush for further detailing. Sketch WAM Photos Low Poly Model      

Grant Frederick – WAM Object Preproduction & Modeling

I chose to use the oversized sword as inspiration/reference for this model. I would also like to incorporate engravings in the final sword model, similar to the WAM armor. WAM Sketches Other online sword references Low Poly Model

Nicola Goldman’s WAM Object Preproduction & Modeling

Photography: Part of the dog’s armor.       Seams of the dog’s armor. Armored man holding a lance. Armored hand detail. Armored dog (Drew it below). Sketches: Planned Concept of Detailed Object: At first, I was considering making a bunch of silverware and household goods.  I wanted my house to be modern.   My idea…

Laura Sawin – Museum Object

For this project, I wanted to created a weapon that could be used as a sword by the mice in my game.  I looked at a variety of swords and daggers and considered elements in each.  I also was interested in incorporating engraving found on armor into the design of my sword’s hilt.  Here are…