Design Concept 2: Mockup Layout

Floor Plan: The room is supposed to resemble a pantry/kitchen, similar to the climax in The Royal Mice. The staircase, where the Queen would enter, is to the left; the room itself consists of tables, barrels, and countertops (that would be filled itself with items). Mockup:

Shiyi Liu’s Level Design and Rough Model

Level Design This level is able to turn upside down for the mouse to successfully get the sword and horn. The metal arrows initially covered the treasure in the middle of the tower so that the player have to try to flip the building. Rough Model

Rough Level Design – Laura Sawin

When I first began planning out my level, I decided to design the castle layout.  This was my design process for the layout of the castle: I began with a simple layout that didn’t include dimensions yet. I then began experimenting with different potential room dimensions. The final floor plan that I chose was very…

Matthew Figueroa Level Design and Rough model

The level direction I want to take is a platform puzzle level. You need to kind of find ways to work the belay system to your advantage. This is one potential path that can be taken, but the rough model doesn’t show that. The beginning of the game, because this project would be great to…