Johnnie Jackson – Final Look

It’s been a long time coming, but here it is! A playable version of the level! The level isn’t as detailed as I would hope it would be, but them’s the breaks. Of all things, I’d hoped to finally get the animations implemented, but something just wasn’t working. If you have the zip file, you…

Grant Frederick – Final Project

Unity Build: Link to unityBuild: “” GamePlay: I was able to fix the sword to stay in the mouse’s hand. I also was able to improve the mouses run however it is still slightly off. I believe this is due to using the mixamo auto rigger. I think it is a great tool but unfortunately…

Abdah St Fleur – Final

Build Video  

Nicola Goldman’s Final Project

Video: I started this video in play mode in Unity.  In the game, my character walks really slowly so I changed it out of game mode to give a quicker tour of the house.  I wanted to make it in play mode so you could hear the walking sound and hopefully the NPC talk. Game:…

Guadalupe Lira Final Project

  She was supposed to be in the scene too as a maid, but she wouldn’t export. When she approached her, she would curtsy.     The roof shingles were created by Matt. The song is from Animal Crossing New Leaf version 4am.

Kate Olguin Final

I added a lot to my level, but it’s basically all explained in the video, so here’s the link. All of the music was created by me, the sounds were found under the creative commons license on and were edited by me. The tables and bookshelves were made by Kyle Trottier, the tower tops…

Kyle Trottier’s Final Project

Video Images Atlas Assest Credits Music: The Snow Queen Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Audio downloaded from Crying: MMM: Meow:      

Final – Laura Sawin

Videos: Level Start Platforming Beam Walk Sword Effects Screenshots Game:   Asset Credits: Bard Melody – Akrythael Crickets – le_abbaye_Noirlae Models and Rigs: Mort the mouse Max the cat  

Final – Aaron

The roofs were made by Kate Olguin. The chirping bird ambience was downloaded from