Kate Olguin Final

I added a lot to my level, but it’s basically all explained in the video, so here’s the link.

All of the music was created by me, the sounds were found under the creative commons license on freesound.com and were edited by me. The tables and bookshelves were made by Kyle Trottier, the tower tops were made by Guadalupe Lira, the bushes were made by Shiyi Liu, the chairs and couches were made by Nicola Goldman, and the garden pillars and arches were made by Laura Sawin. Everything else was created by me.

The build can be found at:


The password is “suffering”.



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  1. Kyle Trottier says:

    The amount of detail and number of small objects around the level is amazing and makes the level feel lived in. The tiger AI while very basic is a nice touch , and the stained glass makes the level look even better. I also like how there is kind of a start and end point of the level which makes it feel great.

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