Kyle Trottier’s Final Project

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Kyle Trottier’s Finished Buildings

I added normal maps to all my textures as well as adding an outside to the building along with some of Laura’s objects as well. Inside Outside

Kyle Trottier’s Detailed Game Object

I wanted my sword to like royal and expensive so I went with a very elegant design with is model and textures.  The guard features a few designs that seem very royal and the pommel is made of a giant ruby.  I wanted the hilt to seem functional so I textured a leather grip and…

Kyle Trottier’s WAM Object Preproduction

I went with a mix of different swords on display including the modern replica as I thought its simple design seemed more functional than the other swords.  I also liked the style and colors of the armor piece and want to do a similar coloration on the guard to add some interest to the design….

Kyle Trottier’s Revised Modular Building Kit

For my revised version of the building kit I altered a few of the UV maps so they were a bit more consistent.  I also added an arched ceiling  so that the level would have a top to it.  The ceiling is a bit simple as I thought that since the wall had a lot…

Kyle Trottier’s Game Design and Concept Sketch

Player Objectives The player will need to navigate through the different rooms of the castle searching for key fragments to unlock the final tower and find the sword and horn. Also hidden across the rooms are other mice that need to know it is safe to leave their hiding spot which they may can optionally…