Shiyi Liu’s Buildings Finished

This pictures shows that I am trying to use my models to mimic the layout of my original level design. I borrowed the tower structure from Guadalupe for my level since there is only one structure in my original plan. However, what I have based on my Higgins House project  is very different from my original…

Shiyi_Liu’s Detailed Game Object

I was inspired by the Great Sword in WAM. It is almost the same as the object in the museum but I want my sword to look old enough so I add some bumpiness to the sword. I also add a  string of characters on the sword which shows that it is different from the…

Shiyi Liu’s WAM Object Preproduction & Modeling

I plan to do the oversize long sword in WAM as my detailed game object. I want to give it more details so I made the basic shape in Maya and import it into Zbrush for further detailing. Sketch WAM Photos Low Poly Model      

Shiyi Liu’s Modular Building Kit

Atlas In this update I sliced the hallway into different pieces instead of a whole part. I made the texture of rug and also added glass like material to the door. I also imported some of Kyle’s work cause I think they might be useful. Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3

Shiyi Liu’s Modular Building Part 1

Sketch I still haven’t figured out how to model the vault at this stage. Photo   It is kind of hard to capture the correct shape of an object since the hallway is too narrow. Texture Some of the textures are too large to be upload. Here is the link of other textures.  …

Shiyi Liu’s Level Design and Rough Model

Level Design This level is able to turn upside down for the mouse to successfully get the sword and horn. The metal arrows initially covered the treasure in the middle of the tower so that the player have to try to flip the building. Rough Model

Shiyi_Liu_Game Design Doc & Concept Sketch

Game Design Doc   High Concept This game is a puzzle platform game. Each stage the player will control a mouse and solve lots of problems to find the right way to the chamber. And in the final stage, the player should call out the spirit of mice in order to win the game.   Player…

Shiyi Liu’s Portfolio Blog Post

High poly 3D sculpt (ZBrush)   Low poly 3D model (Maya etc.) Photoshop collage or other multi-layer composition Drawing Animation (embed links (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 to youtube etc.)