Shiyi_Liu_Game Design Doc & Concept Sketch

Game Design Doc  

High Concept

This game is a puzzle platform game. Each stage the player will control a mouse and solve lots of problems to find the right way to the chamber. And in the final stage, the player should call out the spirit of mice in order to win the game.


Player Objectives

The goal of the game is to find the sword and horn and call out the spirit of mice. After calling out the spirit of mice, the player should control both their character and spirit of mice to fight against Max the Magnificent.


Game Mechanics

The mouse could run, jump, crawl and interact with some specific object like a door, to find the right way to the chamber. However, the cat will exist at some stage to chase the controlled mouse. Once the cat caught up with the mouse, the game ends. The spirit of mice will be functioned together, they may float in the platform to scare the cat.


Characters and Key Objects

There will be four royal mice character in the game and each one will be responsible for a stage.  At the first stage, the player will control Gilbert the Older to search the first floor. After that, the player will control Guinevere to search the second floor. At the third floor, the player may control Cadbury and Little Francis will be controlled for the tower. Spirit of mice could also be considered as one character because they functioned together. Max the magnificent will trace the mouse. The sword and horn are the key objects of the game.


Game World

The game will be placed in the castle with no doubt. However, the style of the artwork will be like a pencil drawing.


Gameplay Highlight/Hooks/Features

The highlight of the gameplay is that at the final stage, after calling out the spirit of mice, the player has to switch the control between Little Francis and spirit of mice to let the cat get out of the castle. Meanwhile, Little Francis should not be caught by the cat, otherwise, the player will lose the game.


Intended Audience and How You Will Appeal to It

The intended Audience of the game will be gamers who are interested in puzzle games or platform games. I will appeal by making the puzzles playable.


Game Style/Player Experience

The player’s experience will be moving in a 3D platform and interact with the specific items to find the right way to the next floor. Eventually, the cat will be drift out of the castle by Little Francis and the spirit of mice.

Concept Sketch

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