Game Design Doc & Concept Sketch


The Queen’s crown has been stolen by the biggest cat in the kingdom, the cat is hiding in the castle. The Queen calls upon her bravest knight Max the magnificent mouse to go and fight the cat. Max the Magnificent is too small to fight the cat by himself. Gilbert the elder informs Max that in order to defeat the cat he would need help from the spirits, but in order to call the spirits, he will have to find the sacred horn and sword. When the sword is grasped and the horn is blown, spirits will rise up.  The spirits are the brave warriors who lived and protected the castle long ago.


Player Objectives

There are two objectives.

  • Find the sword and horn- players need the horn and sword to call the spirits to him fight the cat, he also needs the sword to use as a weapon.
  • Battle and defeat the cat- in order for the players to get the crown him and the spirits have to beat the cat.


Game mechanics

  • Players have to solve puzzles in each chamber in order to open the door to the next chamber
  • Players have to collect all the collectibles in each chamber
  • A player can go back to a previous chamber if they missed some collectibles
  • Payers can run, walk, jump.



  • Max the mouse – max is know all across the kingdom as the brave mouse that will is there to serve the kingdom `
  • The elder- the elder is the wise one amongst the mice community.
  • The cat- the evil cat that stole the queen’s crown.



  • The horn to call the spirits
  • Sword to use as a weapon to fight the cat
  • Collectables players find to solve the  puzzles


Game world

The game world is in a castle in the medieval time. Players will be going from one chamber to another, the chambers will vary from bedrooms to kitchen.



  • Players search each chamber for collectibles
  • When the doors open the players have two paths they can choose. The path they choose will determine how hard the puzzles are to solve.
  • In each chamber, players have to find collectibles and clues to help them solve the puzzle in the next chamber.
  • In the last chamber that has the horn and sword, the collectibles will be the horn the sword and the army of spirits.


The intended audiences are teenagers and young adults. This game will best fit people that like puzzles and adventure games. The game has puzzles on each level with different difficulty levels based on the bath the players take.


Player experience

The players will be motivated to defeat the cat and get the crown back to the queen. Throughout the game players will have to make choices that will determine how hard or easy their journey will be.  

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  1. I know you are insecure about your art, but this is actually an appealing and competently-executed sketch.

  2. Aaron Graham says:

    I like the idea of using the collectables to solve puzzles instead of just using them to progress (ie open doors with keys, kill enough mice to move on, etc). It’s a cool twist on the collectathon formula where you actually need to do something with the items you collect!

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